When the first Troll factory opened in Smiltene, Latvia in 1994 its 20 employees produced 200 cots per month for the Swedish market.

Today is a very different story. Thanks to the popularity of Troll Nursery products, more efficient management and new technology Troll now has 400 employees in two factories producing 15.000 units every month.

Troll Nursery products are available throughout Europe and are rapidly expanding into new markets such as Russia, China, Australia and USA.

In UK you can buy TROLL products in various independent shops (see category “SHOPS” on our website) as well as definite models at JohnLewis and Mothercare stores.

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If you are looking to be a partner with TROLL, then please send us an email to:

We rely on a long-term partnership in Troll Nursery. Currently we, help, advise and support thousands of clients in over 20 countries by providing a large bandwidth of baby furniture, textiles and marketing services.

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Every step of the way from the time that a log enters our factories in Latvia until the finished piece of furniture is boxed and packed for shipping, we ensure that every one of our products meets our own and our customer’s high expectations on quality.

When you first see a Troll Nursery product, you will notice that it is characterized by being strong and sturdy. We never try to cut costs by using boards and panels that are too thin or light because at Troll Nursery we believe that a strong cot is a safe cot.

You will also notice the beautiful timbers that we use , Nordic Pine and Birch. Forests in Latvia cover 45% of the country. These timbers are a delight to work with and finish beautifully.
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